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"Ark" Foosball table Arkube “Ark-Polytechnique” Interactive Table “Ark-Inseec” Classroom from the Future "Ark-SWARM" Industry of the Future

Ark Foosball table

A team of geeks and passionate gamers led by Lionel Chataignier (CEO & Innovation Director at Pixminds) first designed a new generation foosball ( award winning at CES and Concours Lépine).

Based on a standard design from Pixminds R-cade brand, it brings additional features and capabilities thanks to its Ark touch screen which replaces the usual field, tracks the ball in real time and displays high quality images.

This feature enables new game modes, remote competitions, and also real-time recommendations and training.






The Arkube project is the brainchild from the Ark Foosball Table approach, mixing gaming and learning. A first implementation of our interactive, multipoint and rugged interactive screens with no size limit.

It features an immersive environment made of several 3m2 touch screens. The screens are assembled so that they surround the users, and they are driven by computers situated behind the screens made of rugged Securit® glass.

Acclaimed in many exhibitions by visitors from all ages and background, the patented Ark technology has been recognized by 3 CES innovation Awards and 2 medals at Concours Lépine. Additionally, the ingredients of the Arkube success were at the foundation of the following projects.




table Ark Polytechnique

“Ark-Polytechnique” Interactive Table

démonstration “Sculpture de montagnes”

In 2008, Ark delivered an innovative interactive table made of 3 screens to demonstrate ʺmountain sculpturingʺ, an exhibit of the Mus’X, the museum of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique.

This application results from several years of research within the team of Professor Marie-Paule Cani at the IT department of Ecole Polytechnique. International teams collaborated to this project in fields such as graphics rendering and geoscience.

The exhibit allows visitors to manipulate tectonic plates, to compress and fold the earth crust. Combining the Ark technology with the application enables an interactive simulation of the creation of mountain ranges, a phenomenon actually spanning over millions of years.

ʺThe ʺMountain exhibitʺ works like a charm and captures the attention of all our visitors regardless of age. Inaugurated for the Science Fair, it generated a genuine interest".

Marie-Paule Cani, Professor & researcher at École Polytechnique.

Le Bourget-du-Lac, Savoie Technolac : 12 meters long and 18m2 of Ark interactive walls

“Ark-Inseec” Classroom from the Future

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of students, and to stimulate everyone’s capabilities during group work sessions. From this observation, Pixminds, Inseec U. and Liris developed a unique educational solution: the Ark Classroom of the Future.

The Ark Classroom of the Future – awarded the “R&D Booster” from the regional Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes innovation fund - is built on two pillars:

  • A modern classroom of 100m2 (~1080sq ft) equipped with a giant rugged interactive screen (18m2 – 194 sq ft) based upon the patented Ark technology. Assembled through Spring 2020 and available for students for back-to-school 2020, the classroom enables a rich real-time collaboration between teachers and students.

  • New creative and engaging teaching methodologies resulting from the collaboration of the Inseec U. and the Liris Lab (Sical team – specialized in man/machine interactions and education). Objective: offer an immersive environment for sharing knowledge and tracking acquisition in real-time (business games, interactive videos, teamwork…) in various domains such as language learning, economy, IT, etc.)

The Ark Classroom of the Future at Inseec U.  is a great example of our Ark technology at work. It is also the result of a common thought process with Inseec U., Liris and the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region to bring relevant innovation in the field of education and training. We do hope it will equip students with critical assets to navigate tomorrow’s professional environments. It paves the way to more innovative projects in sectors such as education, entertainment, retail and enterprise.

Lionel Chataignier, CEO & Director of Innovation

A pilot within the Inseec U. group, our Chambéry campus approached Pixminds and Liris to elaborate a new pedagogical signature for back-to-school 2020. The Ark-Inseec U. Classroom of the Future is a real revolution as far as teaching methodology. Such breakthrough is a must to address tomorrow’s professional challenges. It will allow our students to acquire and retain knowledge, to build their own process thought, and become adaptable graduates.

David Bouvier, Director Inseec U. Chambéry

The Ark Classroom of the Future offers an immersive, engaging, flexible and interactive environment. It offers to our Lab a great opportunity to experiment with collaborative and engaging new teaching approaches.
The student will be able to take ownership for his/her learning curriculum, searching for knowledge, on his/her own or within a group, all of that within an environment that adjusts to his/her level. We are eager to experiment in real life and get feedback from everybody !

Jean-Charles Marty, Researcher - Sical team (Photo Le DL/I.B.)

Ark at SWARM

"Ark-SWARM" Industry of the Future

In 2021, Ark technology was integrated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region’s Digital Campus Factory, serving SWARM, a company with a mission: enabling manufacturers to incorporate tomorrow’s technologies and uses to accelerate their digitalisation and growth.

It consists of a set of 7 Ark modules, positioned side by side, representing 21 m² of giant rugged interactive screens. They allow companies to define future industrial projects, with innovative collaboration and visualisation methods.

With this Ark technological solution and the partnership with SWARM, Pixminds is contributing to the modernisation of the production and communication processes of companies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

This wall of giant interactive screens offers new possibilities for presentation, interaction and exchange in an industrial environment.

Ark : to infinity and well beyond

This is only the beginning for Ark! Unlimited possibilities are for you to size today, in sectors such as training, trade, communication, entertainment, culture, real estate or institutions.  

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