Objects of the future

How to transform a collection object into an object of the future. This is the bet our Savoyard company has raised by revisiting the caskets of the cult games having attracted in the cafes and playrooms amateurs of this type.
For those who have been lucky enough to attend the bistrots in the 70s and 80s, to meet after class to transform these drinking places into a game zone for teenagers, memories of arcade terminals, pinball machines and other Table football is still alive.

A piece of one or two francs was slipped into the machine and the magic of electronics illuminated a randomly defined screen, or released according to a steel ball or a dozen small white balls. It was the beginning of video games and the older ones will remember Pong (1972), Space Invaders (1978) and Pac-Man (1980). Same chills with the electric billiards and the most classic table football that brought together young and old around the same field, the loser paying inevitably his tour. If these days make you nostalgic or, if younger, you want to discover what your parents were playing, the French company R-Cade offers an amazing revival through three machines of their time. One thing in common: they have lost the mechanical part and the beginner electronics to the benefit of high-tech solutions.

R-Cade surpasses the limits

Great classic coffee rooms: the Arcade terminal. R-Cade offers two configurations for retrogaming, joystick and button fans. These are handcrafted in the company's workshops and complemented by technology behind the Full HD LCD screen. The Jamma terminal allows you to play more than 500 Arcade games, including Atari's best sellers such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Street Fighter and R-Type. The R-Cade Elite PC terminal offers more than 90,000 games from the 80s to the present day. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid and Donkey Kong, among others, are there. So why bother a kiosk while all these games are already emulated on computer? Because in no case to play it on PC or in front of its TV, a joystick in the hand, brings the sensations that one can know on the terminal of Arcade.

A pinball machine without balls

On the R-Cade model, bumpers, flippers and marbles have disappeared. Two Full HD LED screens power them, a DMD LCD display for score and bonus display, and a Windows-based computer capable of emulating more than 1,000 different pinball machines (also known as tables) To their models of origins. Pediment, tray and coin box are replicated identically. In order to reproduce the sensations as well as possible, an accelerometer is integrated to reproduce the effects of the blows on the pinballs and the movements of the ball. For more realism the original sound is distilled by speakers and a subwoofer concealed in the body of the machine. After a few minutes of games, we completely forget the technology for the benefit of the gameplay. Another advantage of the R-Cade solution, which is mechanically free, is that it requires no maintenance or adjustment.

3D fusball

The Bonzini, table football made in France, king of coffee rooms since the sixties, also found its electronic clone, thanks to R-Cade. For now, it is only at the prototype stage. But the company expects to be able to deliver it for 2017. Meanwhile, this table football is perhaps the device having undergone the most modifications compared to the original. Indeed, taking advantage now of embedded electronics, this product will be able to offer more possibilities of games than its ancestor because, until now, it was useless to connect its foosball on sector. R-Cade and Ark have thus transformed it into a console in its own right. The floor became interactive, giving extra dimension to the players. The ball can react like a giant digital slate. The terrain illuminates, traces the course of the ball and offers both skill games, space adventure or miniature football stadium truffled with mines. There will be no question here of simply scoring goals but also surviving. A whole program for a table football completely dusted. The multitude of games obtained thanks to this table football will be able to rally to its cause the newcomers on this surface.


They trust in us

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