Ark Innovation is a research and development company founded in 2015 by Pixminds. We create new immersive digital interfaces which can providing new sensations and feelings, ever closer to reality and beyond.


Arkube is a new digital interface in the form of a room that recreates any environment in a virtual form which allows an interaction unmatched until now, whether for training, entertainment, telecommunication or education. Your favorite beach, the hidden face of the moon and your living room on a few steps of each others.



No more keyboard shortcuts. Lexip 3D allows you to zoom in and manipulate objects in 3D with one hand, whether for work or play. Productivity and effectiveness of your actions will be increased tenfold. Its mobile shell allows you to pivot your hand forward, back, right and left. In addition, the Lexip 3D is equipped with a joystick at the thumb for total control of your workspace !

You can choose between two ranges of Lexip mice: Lexip 3D Pro Mouse and Lexip 3D Gaming.



Passionate about video games, experts in the field, we went through the arcades rooms and we made this passion our job. Entirely handmade in France, our arcades and our digital pinball machines are the result of the encounter between the spirit of the video games of that time and the technological potential of the current video games. Elegance, neat graphics, R-cade products are genuine artistic objects and are also customizable, to create the arcade or pinball of your dreams.



Pinball machines and arcade games design and production.


The group where the companies Ark, R-Cade and E-Concept belongs


Multimedia and video games distribution.