When science-fiction become reality

Ark Innovation teams have developed a unique technology allowing to create giant touchscreens (several dozens m²) featuring high definition graphics through a scalable (30 times cheaper than capacitive smartphone screens) and very robust device.This technology is called Arktouch. It makes any number of users dive in a totally immersive world without having to wear any heavy, breakable headset (such as in VR). This immersion finds tremendous applications in the fields of education, entertainment, sports and telecommunications.

Infinite possibilities

Arktouch will be unveiled in ARKUBE, a cube whose interior simulates a room. Each wall is transformed into a huge touchscreen. Ambiances and situations, real or imaginary, will be displayed and experienced by ARKUBE’s users.
On the educational side, planets can appear and be manipulated at the fingertips. On the sport side , users can practice interactive physical exercises such as squash, archery or dancing.
The simulation is programmed from a control panel located at the entrance of ARKUBE or by vocal system. The user just has to select a program to run from a list of available simulations.


Ils nous font confiance

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